Design + Create

Synergy Solutions offers offsite, and onsite graphic design services

Bringing campaigns to market quickly and accurately, whilst creating strong and clear messages is a difficult task in today's landscape. To help meet the needs of an ever-changing market, we provide seamless design services for companies and brands

We provide graphic design, finished art, web design/development to the commercial, goverment, not-for-profit and enterprise sectors. Our work translates longevity through progressive design and in turn we make outcomes that are both tailored and effective.

We have vast experience with working within brands’ existing style and framework and all our artwork is produced with a technical understanding of the entire printing and digital process. This ensures jobs reproduce accurately and as expected across all physical and digital mediums.

Synergy's design team is widely experienced across all aspects of branding, design for print, website and digital design, photography and content marketing.

Graphic Design

Synergy Solutions' in-house graphic design team has extensive experience in delivering graphic design, branding, digital design and pre-press services to our clients.

Synergy's design and account management team also work very closely with our clients' existing advertising and design agencies, and can offer assistance and advice at concept stage to ensure the outcome meets the expectations of both the client and agency.

The visual impression you make in the marketplace needs to be consistent through all forms of communication. At Synergy we ensure your corporate branding, logo design and colour palette are carried through all marketing and promotional materials to give your business the best professional appearance and impact.

Onsite Hub

Synergy offers onsite graphic design and pre-press services to our clients. We can place a single onsite graphic designer within your business either temporarily or permanently or set up a managed design studio onsite.

This can be a cost effective solution to cover your existing designer(s) when ill or on leave. Subsequently, during peak times they can be used to add additional capacity to your existing team.


Part of our design offering is designing and building websites and content management systems, using current web design, UX, content architecture and development technology trends and best practice. Whether the project is big or small, we take special care in offering our clients real strategic advice. We always consider the brand and its competitors through thorough market research before implementing the correct technologies for the perfect web solution. We have expertise in a wide variety of scripting languages, with a specialisation in enterprise-level open-source platform solutions.


Providing photography services for our clients is part of our full service offering. On staff photographers provide our core capability, but Synergy also works with a wide range of specialist and niche photographers to ensure the best use of equipment, talent and personnel to achieve the desired end result.

From product photography to corporate stock shots to architectural images, we can provide high end photographic services to meet your needs.