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Manage, Report + Analyse

We empower our clients with detailed and relevant real-time reporting

Access to powerful and relevant reports in real-time is a vital tool in today’s marketplace. Synergy customise and provide all reports to your specifications

Giving our clients the tools to manage their marketing spend, Synergy provide detailed reports and access to SPIRIT, our online portal. SPIRIT gives the user secure access to real-time analytics at any time.

Bespoke Reporting

All clients receive customised reports to their exacting requirements. Any recorded metric can be extracted and reported against, giving you powerful tools in analyzing spending patterns and return on investment (ROI).

Client side Reporting

SPIRIT’s powerful reporting engine allows our clients to run their own reports at any time. Accessible 24/7 via our online portal, users with relevant access can access real-time reports such as stock levels, current spend, orders over time etc.

This ease of access to information provides full transparency to our clients and gives them ready-access to the tools so they can make informed business and marketing decisions.

Experienced Analysis

Synergy provide a service in which we analyse all metrics of your spend with us to improve efficiency and extract additional cost savings for you.

We look at all data such as ordering patterns, repeat items, printing materials, delivery locations and various other metrics. Armed with this data and the experience of our staff, it allows us to provide relevant and real-world suggestions in areas of production and logistics that can be tuned provide higher ROI.