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Supply, Store, Deliver + Fulfil

Synergy Solutions provides efficient and structured warehousing, kitting and full logistics services for our clients’ marketing activites

An important aspect of providing a turnkey solution to our clients is the ability to efficiently manage inventory and safeguard your product in our warehouse

We keep up-to-date categorised records of each item in the inventory to easily access as required.

Our comprehensive service offering includes fulfilling unique delivery requirements. Synergy Solutions will collate material, construct display devices and package custom orders.

We are detail oriented and have multiple processes in place to ensure accurate order preparation and fulfillment to multiple locations. We track shipments and report on the progress to ensure our clients benefit from a stress free experience.


We provide storage of all marketing related items on a short or long term basis including the capability to store oversize and unusually shaped items, including vehicles.

Well-refined procedures are adhered to throughout to ensure accurate and consistent stock counts, reliable stock triggers and precise and timely reporting of stock movement and levels.


Picking hundreds of orders per week, our warehouse procedures have been refined from tens of thousands of man-hours of real world experience to ensure accurate and timely picking.

Same day, next day or predetermined scheduled timed despatch dates - clients benefit from our non-traditional flexible approach to warehousing.

Synergy has the ability to handle large scale, nation-wide and international marketing campaigns.

Online Ordering

Using our award winning SPIRIT platform, Synergy build our clients a customised on-line ordering, inventory management, tracking and reporting system providing authorised access 24/7.

Users can be assigned ordering limits based on volume or value. Security roles are assigned to relevant users allowing access to different sections within the site depending on their access level.

Orders are processed in real time, picked, packed and despatched while providing full transparency, report and order tracking.


Part of Synergy Solutions’ warehouse offering is the kitting and assembly of multiple items.

This is where multiple items are combined into new product kits. We have extensive experience creating multi-packs, promotion kits and large scale campaign kits that are either distributed as required, or stored for on-going orders.