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FSC + Recycled Paper

The FSC Chain of Custody is the highest and most trustworthy international certification for paper and timber products. It is an absolute guarantee to clients that the paper used is of the highest environmental value they can purchase anywhere in the world. Buying FSC products supports the growth of responsible forest management worldwide

Synergy can provide a chain of custody (transfer system) for FSC 100%, FSC Mix and FSC Recycled product groups.

The FSC 100% label signifies that a product is made entirely from FSC-certified forest material.

The FSC Mix label lets people know that certified wood has been supplemented with non-certified materials. However, this non-certified material needs to adhere to a certain standard: either the reclaimed wood standard or the controlled wood standard.

The FSC Recycled label denotes that a product is made entirely from recycled or reclaimed material, subject to requirements concerning the purchasing, verification, and classification of the reclaimed material. At least 86 per cent of reclaimed material must be verified as having been recycled following consumer use to qualify for the FSC Recycled label.