SPIRIT is a powerful, flexible, secure and feature-rich solution for print, procurement, management, warehousing and logistical requirements, which provides a complete workflow tool from concept to delivery

Utilising powerful data recording systems throughout, each stage of the project can be traced. This means we have visibility on when estimates and jobs are due, how much stock is available, what needs reordering, and importantly, the tracking of deliveries using our freight providers to ensure your job is delivered on time.

Warehouse Management

Our warehouse is supported by a powerful warehouse management system, which keeps tight control over your physical assets. Everything that goes in to stock is given a unique SKU, is labelled and can only be moved, picked or despatched by scanning the correct item, so you have full visibility of your assets in real time, all of the time.

Match this with automatic minimum stock levels, automatic reordering and a full audit trail, we take the stress out of managing your physical assets, so you can work on building your business further.

Online Ordering

With SPIRIT, Synergy can provide a full online ordering solution, with the ability to provide monitored access to specified items only. This service can be utilised with warehoused items, order-on-demand items and web2print items, allowing a flexible approach to ordering.

Digital Asset Management System

In addition to the management of physical assets, SPIRIT also features a full Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, providing complete control of digital assets. This service provides you with the flexibility to conveniently manage files with your team and securely send to third parties with a full audit trail so you can see who has downloaded and when.

Access Control

All of this digital convenience only works when high levels of security are in place. Synergy places the security and privacy of our clients’ data at the upper most importance.

Security roles are allocated to assigned users for access to Online Ordering and Digital Access Management, limiting their access to the items you want them to have access to. This can be customised further to provide limits on quantities or spend, to ensure stock levels and budgets are carefully managed and kept under control.


The estimating feature in SPIRIT allows Synergy’s Account Management team to input the details for your particular job once, and request estimates from suitable suppliers with ease. For suppliers, this is a fantastic solution, as it provides visibility on specifications, due dates and delivery locations for ease of quoting.

Built in reporting provides our suppliers with feedback pertaining to their submitted pricing, allowing better visibility on where they are positioned within the market.