Supplier Accreditation + Management

Every client comes with a unique set of requirements and to ensure we find the very best solution, Synergy Solutions works with a global network of suppliers

As such, we only work with accredited suppliers with a proven record of quality, consistency and service. This allows us to make sure that your job is completed to the highest possible standards, on time and within budget.


Each supplier we work with is accredited to our exacting standards, not just on quality and service, but also on their social, community and environmental responsibilities.

The accreditation process has been developed, not only to ensure a supplier’s ability to provide quality products and services and meet important deadlines, but also to ensure that the products and services provided are done so in a manner that does not discriminate.


The Synergy team is skilled at handling complex tasks, including managing projects with multiple suppliers. Each job is monitored to track that each project milestone is met, systems and processes adhered to, and to ensure quality levels are maintained.

Information for Potential Suppliers

Please contact Tamara Mactier at for further information on our supplier accreditation process.