Our Commitment

With environmental impact and sustainability becoming a large social issue, many brands are looking to reduce their effect on the environment by adopting green practices in printing. Synergy offers a complete range of environmental options to our clients

Synergy Solutions is an environmentally responsible organisation, and we take great care in reviewing our procedures to ensure that pollution and waste are minimised in every aspect of our operations. We select environmentally aware, accredited suppliers to ensure that our values are recognised throughout the entire supply chain.

Importantly, we use our expertise to review the whole requirement to reduce waste during the production process, by correctly specifying manufacturing methods, raw materials and economical quantities.

Synergy undertakes the following environmentally positive steps:

  • Actively minimise waste and energy consumption;
  • Recycling office waste, including waste toner;
  • Using biodegradable products and substances to reduce landfill;
  • Continually working with our suppliers to introduce more sustainable options for adhesives, inks, dyes, coatings and packaging;
  • Printing all internal documents on recycled and sustainable stocks;
  • Providing our offices as a local drop point for the Mobile Muster mobile phone recycling program.